Prachuap Khiri Khan – Amphur Muang

Prachuap Khirikhan city is located about 100km south of Hua Hin, in the southern stretch of Thailand. Although technically the capital of Prachuap Khirikhan Province, Amphur Muang Prachuap Khiri Khan is more like a quite beach town. Visitors love the relaxed atmosphere, stunning beaches, clean streets, and of course the affordable seafood. However, after staying here for a couple of days, it is the people of this area that really make it for visitors. They are friendly, mostly honest, and enjoy life at a slower pace than most of Thailand’s tourist destinations.

Prachuap Khirkhan Bay from the Ao Noi side

Although quiet in appearance, the area itself has a lot for visitors to explore and experience. From temples to boatyards, and from caves to mountain climbs, there is plenty to do for the active tourist. However, if you prefer to take it easy during your travels, then just relax on Ao Mano beach, stroll along the waterfront in Prachuap town, grab some of the freshest seafood around, and relax with a nice massage by the sea. How you travel Prachuap Khirkhan is up to you. All we want to do is share a few of the highlights that we believe shouldn’t be missed.

Prachuap khirikhan bay beachfront
The serene evening view of Prachuap Khirikhan Bay

Tourist Attractions in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

Prachuap Khiri Khan’s capital city (Amphoe Meuang) is a beautiful area, known as the city of the 3 bays, which is located to the west of Thailand. Prachuap Khiri Khan is a coastal town in Southern Thailand. It contains several tourist attractions like forests, mountains, beaches, and islands.

However, to make things confusing, the province itself is also referred to as Prachuap Khirikhan. The entire province is full of things to do and see. So, although this website focuses on the capital city, we feel that it’s only right to cover some of what’s nearby:

Hua Hin

Hua Hin Town Away from Bangkok about 195 kilometers and before reaching the city. Prachuap Khiri Khan approximately 90 kilometers. Hua Hin market is a large market with restaurants. Souvenir shop And many hotels Convenient transportation with tricycle service Minibuses, hire and rental cars to various locations. In the district and nearby,

Chatchai Market is the famous old market of Hua Hin.It is well known among Thai and foreign tourists. Located on Petchkasem Road in Hua Hin town This market was built in the year 2469 B.E. in accordance with the initiative of King Rama VII in the occasion of his conversion to the Klai Kangwon Palace for the first time with Queen Rambhai Barni.

Hua Hin Night Market is the family nightlife of Hua Hin and is a source of various food such as Thai food, seafood, Thai desserts, Roti, etc. Thai and foreign tourists are always frequented.

Hua Hin Arts and Crafts Center is located at the number 18, Thung Kaet Road. It is both a botanical garden and a center for painting, sculpture, folk crafts. Art, antiques and creative works of the world, art that tourists can see and experience This center is open for free daily visits from 11.00-18.30 hrs.

Hua Hin beach is on the east side of the city. There is a way down to the beach on Damneon Kasem Road. On both sides of the beach there is a hotel. And souvenir shop Hua Hin beach is approximately 5 kilometers long, white sand, suitable for swimming in the sea.

However, Hua Hin is a modern and large seaside town with everything from western bars and massage, to relaxed coves and temples. Many people in the area speak English, which makes navigating the area and discovering new activities easier.

Ko Singto: It is on the east side of Suan Pradipat about 800 meters, a small island. Shaped like a lion Prostrate, facing north Suitable for fishing enthusiasts Tourists can rent a boat at Khao Takiab Village. It takes approximately 45 minutes to travel.


Thanarat Camp: Located on Petchkasem Road, about 237 kilometers away from Bangkok (using the Thon Buri – Pak Tho route). The camp consists of the memorial of His Majesty Chomphon Sarit Thanarat, a place to collect biographies of past works, costumes of personnel etc. Infantry museum exhibit has various ancient weapons and His Majesty’s Harbor is located on the Pranburi River West of the camp Far from Petchkasem Road about 12 kilometers, which is a natural recreation place. With ornamental flower gardens Plants in literature and have adventurous activities such as High tower jumping, rock climbing, shooting, fishing, camping, etc.

Pranburi District

The golden ruby goddess is a very beautiful viewpoint which looking down that you can see the Pranburi River and Pak Nam Pran village clearly as well as the location of the ruby golden goddess shrine. The shrine enshrines the statue. Tian Hui goddess Bo Tao or ruby gold goddess which is sacred and respected by Pak Nam Pran people.

Pranburi Beach: It is a long beach from Hua Hin consisting of Pranburi Forest Park and a beautiful stretch of beach. Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park Although it is near Hua Hin but the beach is quiet, shady. There are many accommodations available.

Pak Nam Pran Village: The “Pak Nam Pran” area, where the Pranburi River flows into the sea Most villagers work in fishery. This village has therefore become a center for seafood for sale at an affordable price. Famous seafood here is fresh squid, dried squid, dried squid, shrimp paste, dried shrimp, etc.

Naresuan beach or Khao Skull Beach: Away from the estuary Pran to the south about 7 kilometers to the beach is between Km 253-254, opposite to Thanarat Camp and Pranburi District Office Turn left for about 3 kilometers to the intersection and turn left again. Distance of 2 kilometers, pass Na Huai Temple and turn right for another 5 kilometers. The beach is clean, light brown sand. Quiet atmosphere On the south side there is a small horn resembling a skull that gave his name. Khao Skull is in the Thao Kosa Forest Park.

In Khao Chao Subdistrict Follow Petchkasem Road Approximately 253 kilometers, a forest area west of Pranburi District is a forest that is rich and has many butterflies. Interesting tourist attractions include Phraek Takhro Waterfall Phraek waterfall, dabble inthanin waterfall, Huai Kob waterfall, Karen village. The route cuts through the agricultural gardens of the villagers and the Pranburi Dam. Some steep sections are suitable for four-wheel drive vehicles and adventure lovers. For convenience, should bring your own car.

Pranburi Reservoir: Located at Nong Ta Ta Subdistrict, at 253 kilometers away from the entrance to Petchkasem Road, about 17 kilometers away from the Pranburi District Office. This Pranburi reservoir is caused by a soil dam blocking the Pranburi River, it is 1,500 meters wide and 8 meters wide. 42 meters high, the terrain is a valley. With beautiful scenery The river stretches over the cultivated area of Pran Buri District.

Mueang District Pranburi

Pranburi Forest Park formerly a project due to the initiative of Queen Sirikit. The queen By defining the area as a national forest reserve, Khlong Kao Canal, an area of approximately 1,984 rai consisting of mangrove forests and Pranburi river flowing through the middle of the forest area At present, the Royal Forest Department has announced a forest park with an area of  700 rai under the supervision of the Phetchaburi District Forestry Office. (Office of Management in Forest Conservation Areas 4, National Park Service Pranburi Forest Park has clean, white sand beaches with pine trees stretching 1 kilometer on the east side of the park. Overlooking the sea, Koh Singto, Khao Takiab and Khao Tao.

Sam Roi Yot Subdistrict

Nom Sao Beach Located in Khao Daeng district Is a quiet beach With beautiful scenery Shady with pine trees Shallow sea water can swim In the south, you can see various islands such as Ko Ko, Nom Sao Island, Rawa Island, Ko Ton Island, can take a boat to visit the island Snorkeling At the beach, there are accommodation and resorts for traveling. From Petchkasem Road, turn left at Km. 254. Turn left at the Disaster Prevention Center, there will be a small intersection.

Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park 

Located in Kui Buri District and Sam Roi Yot Subdistrict About 63 kilometers south of Hua Hin down. According to legend, it is said that This area used to be a sea with many large and small islands. In those days, Chinese junks were sailing past, and experiencing the monsoon winds until the ship was wrecked and 300 survivors of the boat went to live on various islands, so they were called “Sam Roi Rod”. “Sam Roi Yot Mountain” to this day.

The park has tourist attractions as follows Khao Daeng Viewpoint, Khlong Khao Daeng, Tham Sai, Tham Kaew, Thung Sam Roi Yot, Laem Sala Beach, Phraya Nakhon Cave

Kui Buri District, Kui Buri

National Park has an area covering Sam Roi Yot Subdistrict Pranburi District, Kui Buri District and Mueang District Covers an area of approximately 969 square kilometers. The general condition is a complex mountain range. The mountain range blocks north-south. Is part of the Tanaosri Mountains The forest condition is dry evergreen forest and moist evergreen forest. Wildlife are plentiful because they have a good source of water and food. Wildlife in general include wild elephants, bison, red bull, wild deer, bears, barking deer, tapir, gibbons, monkeys, etc. Interesting attractions include Dong Mafai waterfall, Pha Mahon waterfall.

Mueang Prachuap Khiri Khan

Prachuap Khiri Khan District is located on the road taking life. Opposite City Hall It is Lop Buri style art. Built during the period of Lieutenant Amnuay Thaiyanont as the governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan His Majesty the King graciously granted the Crown Prince Crown prince Proceeded on behalf of His Majesty Opened this City Pillar Shrine on 20 August 1994 as a prosperity and a priceless landmark.

Khao Tham Khao Krathai Temple: Located at the foot of the Ao Noi area Before reaching Prachuap Khiri Khan town There is a separate entrance from Petchkasem Road at kilometer 314 for a distance of 3 kilometers. In the temple area there is a small cave enshrined Reclining Buddha. In the past, this cave was a place where sailors Often come to shelter from the rain storm.

Ao Noi, Prachuap Khiri Khan: In front of Prachuap city with beautiful scenery suitable for exercise such as running, cycling along the beach The Ao Noi and Prachuap bays have a beach road connected to each other. Ao Noi has streaks parallel to the road. Prachuap Bay has many ways to walk. The sea closely And there are many seafood restaurants to choose from.

Khao Chong Krachok is a small mountain with many monkeys living. The way behind the town hall is 396 steps up to the top of the mountain which is 245 meters above sea level. And is the location of Khao Chong Krajok Temple Which is enshrined Model Buddha’s Footprint and Relic Relics, in which His Majesty the King performed ceremonies on 12 June 1958 and planted the Si Maha Pho tree. There is a celebration on June 12 of every year.

Ao Manao In the Air Force 53 area, the beach is clean, beautiful nature. Suitable for swimming opposite to the beach as he surrounds the hat When the tide is low, sand dunes will appear for walking to explore. On the top of the mountain surround a Buddha image enshrined hat. At the foot of the mountain is a shrine, which surrounds his hat and is the location of the spectral langur species. Ao Manao was the battle of World War 2 between the Thai and Japanese armies. Currently, the flying squadron will see Heroic Monument An image of an air soldier in a pilot’s suit standing on a propeller plane with a flag facing the sea and still has Wing 53, with a large stone block carved to simulate the scene of the fighting between the Thai and Japanese armies. Manao Bay area Every year, there is a festival commemorating the 8 December 1941.

Thap Sakae District,

Laem Kum Beach, located in Na Hu Kwang Subdistrict Away from the main road just 4 kilometers, quiet atmosphere Suitable for relaxing in the sea. The beach is about 5 kilometers long, lined with pine trees alternating with coconut trees. There is a pavilion for viewing the scenery, or sitting and eating.

National Vehicle Hat Wanakon: It was declared a national park on December 30, 1992. It is the 76th national park and the 18th marine national park. The forest condition is mixed forest. The general condition is a sparse forest consisting of Many kinds of deciduous trees, including bamboo, Pradu Makha Mong forest, the original forest area is planted with mixed natural forests that have recovered. Planted plants are Sala, Tabaek, Teak, Sal, Thale pine and Pradipat pine. A small number of wild animals are found. Most species of birds can be found, including canary, occiput, black-tailed eagles, with a beach with a length of about 7 kilometers, lined with pine trees, along the beach. Within the park area There are interesting places are Hat Wanok, Makha Bay, Hua Krang and Chuang Hin Trail, Lan Khoi.

Huai Yang Waterfall National Park: It covers an area of Muang District, Thap Sakae District and Bang Saphan District. With a total area of 161 square kilometers or 100,625 rai, the area is mostly high mountains on the Tanaosri mountain range. Approximately 200-800 feet above sea level, it is the source of watershed caused by the ridge separating the boundary between Thailand. With the Union of Myanmar Park area Pleasant and relaxing In addition, there are many waterfalls, such as Kha On waterfall, Huai Hin Dat waterfall, Khao Lan waterfall, Bua Sawan waterfall.

Bang Saphan District,

Ban Krut Beach, in Ban Krut District, Thongchai Sub-district, is a wide and beautiful beach. The long beach line is about 12 kilometers parallel to the beach road. Formerly there are many kaffir lime trees. Is the origin of the name The atmosphere here is calm. Shady with coconut trees Beautiful scenery There are fishing communities spread throughout the beach. Tourists will find many fishermen’s lifestyles, such as coastal fishing. Dried seafood processing Catching jellyfish for export abroad As well as many accommodations in

Khao Thongchai: Is an important viewpoint of Ban Krut beach From this point you will see the cove and coconut grove as far as the eye can see. Suitable for watching the sunrise and sunset Thongchai Hill is enshrined. “Phra Phuttha Kittisirichai” or the villagers call “Luang Pho Yai” Buddha statue in the form of Gandhara art (influenced by Greek through India) facing his face to the sea. The Bang Saphan people created it to present to the Queen Sirikit.

Three-tiered tetrahedron pagoda was created when Krut villagers join together to build in honor of his Majesty the King, now celebrating 50 years of treasure as a viewpoint to see the beach stretching straight along the lush green beach. With a vast coconut plantation that is a beautiful combination of sandy beaches.

Ao Mae Ramphueng is approximately 120 kilometers from Prachuap town. Take Highway 4 (Petchkasem Road) into the district. Bang Saphan about 17 kilometers is a beautiful beach, white sand beach. There are streets along the beach. There are seafood restaurants serving tourists, perfect for relaxing.

Bang Saphan Noi District, Bang Boet

Located at Ban Bang Berd, Sai Thong Subdistrict, features a curved, clean, red-brown beach with rocky mountains covering the bay. During the Second World War, Bangburd was famous for its melon. Crispy sweet taste Watermelon is grown on the farm of the University of Sittiporn Kridakon, the owner of the term “Money is Maya. Rice and fish are real. “The red cliff is a cliff with deep red rocks. Next to Bang Berd’s house. Can walk along the beach to see the red cliff.

Talu island, Sang island, Koh Sing: It Is a small island near each other Traveling from Ban Nong Samet coast Distance of 7 kilometers takes about 30 minutes. If traveling by speed boat (speed boat) takes about 15 minutes. Koh Talu island is a beach. Mountains and coconut plantations, which are still beautiful, fertile. White sand beaches, such as Ao Mook, peaceful atmosphere. White sand, beautiful sea water, tourists can also kayak to see the beauty around the island. Including activities such as camping, hiking, mountain climbing. In addition, the island will have a boat and a house to serve.

Sai Koo Waterfall is located about 20 kilometers from the city is a medium-sized waterfall. But with natural beauty Suitable for those who love adventure Should use a four-wheel drive vehicle to travel along Petchkasem Road beyond Bang Saphan Yai Intersection about 8 kilometers and then enter Ban Pong Ko for another 11 kilometers

Traditional festivals

Devo Khao Chong Krachok ceremony is held at Wat Thammikaram Worawihan. Foothills Mueang Prachuap Khiri Khan District Approximately every year of the end of Buddhist Lent,

Polo Elephant is a very strange and exciting activity. Organized during the month of September Can be considered as an activity that is only in Hua Hin – Cha-am The only one.

Memorial day “Deeds, 8 December 1941” was held at Manao Bay. Within the area of Wing 53 (now Wing 5), Mueang Prachuap Khiri Khan District between 7-10 December, as a memorial and honoring the heroism of Thai civilian police officers participating in the fighting with the Japanese military forces.

If you ever feel like you need a peaceful time away from the usual stress, Prachuap Khiri khan should be the first place you think of. The relaxed town/city will provide you tranquil scenery, activities, and a truly chilled environment.

Prachuap Khirikhan Bay on a Sunny Day - Panorama

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Ao Manao – Prachuap Khirikhan

About Ao Manao – Prachuap Khirikhan


Ao Manao, aka Lemon Bay, is a beautiful beach located in an air force base (Wing 5) of Prachuap Khirikhan. The military base is very open and friendly, tourists are allowed to use almost all of the facilities, and because it’s cared for by soldiers … the beach is stunning, clean, safe, and checked everyday. There are chairs provided, along with delicious and affordable local food and beverages, all while you relax watching the waves and staring out at the island opposite. The water is normally warm, as the water is quite shallow, which makes it popular with swimmers. You can actually walk most of the way out to the island.

Near the beach area, there is also a food park serving coffee, beer, soft drinks, and mostly seafood (although other dishes are available). There is also a coffeeshop, and in the evenings a beach front ‘Steak House’ bar with live music. For those that like somtum, at the southern side of the base is a small but tasty somtum restaurant. A lot like to relax under the shade of the trees at the southern end of Ao Manao, where there are no chairs, just a cool breeze and maybe a few beached fishing boats.

Ao Noi – Prachuap Khirikhan

About Ao Noi in Prachuap Khirikhan


Ao Noi, the small bay of Prachuap, is a peaceful beachfront area with one of the most beautiful temples you are likely to find in Thailand (my personal opinion). The temple sprawls out along the seafront, and also up along the mountain. Visitors can walk around the temple and also explore the cave at the top of the stairs along the mountain side. About half way up is a very old temple, that appears unused now, but is interesting to look around. At the top, the cave is quite deep, so the monks may need to turn on the lighting before you go up. However, if the birds are nesting, visitors may not be allowed to enter. The birds are the kind that make nests for birds nest soup and so are a valuable ‘resident’ of the area.

This area also has a scout camp, fishing pier, and many seafood restaurants, some of which are quite famous in Thailand. The area is still very quiet, but does now have some hotels and guesthouses. It is a great area to ride around by bicycle or motorcycle.

Khlong Wan – Prachuap Khirikhan

About Khlong Wan in Prachuap Khirikhan


If you really like to experience ‘non touristy’ areas, Klongwan is an interesting place to visit. It is mostly popular amongst Thai tourists and has far less expats or tourists than the main town of Prachuap Khirikhan. It is a traditional fishing village to the south of Prachuap. The town centre is pretty much made up of one small road. At night, there will be market stalls selling Thai food and snacks. To the northern corner of the town, down the road next to the bank, are a few famous seafood restaurants. The food is fresh and prepared in traditional styles. Head further south, to Wagor area, visitors can find an almost deserted beach front, an aquarium, a science museum, a transport museum, and a butterfly farm. However, to really see the amazing natural scenery and ‘old style’ Thailand that this area has to offer, visitors will need a motorcycle or car to explore.